Welcome to LifePatient!

LifePatient is the most prolific patient census-building tool available to the home health industry. It is a system that enables agencies to become the “glue” between patients, family members and referral sources. LifePatient’s functionality develops strong, binding relationships in a manner never before seen in the industry. The result equates to a material enhancement in an agency’s census and overall agency success.

Our proprietary technology is comprised of a cutting-edge automated platform, which is integrated with a dynamic, interactive approach. This creates a one-of-kind outreach and engagement system unequaled in productivity.

We invite you to tour our website to learn more about how we grow your agency’s census and why LifePatient enables you to keep “patients for life.”






What LifePatient Offers:

Universal Appeal

Both large and small agencies enjoy census-building achievement when implementing LifePatient. The revolutionary system serves Medicare-certified agencies and those that are private duty. LifePatient conforms to all governmental guidelines associated with home care operations. Furthermore, Medicare–certified agencies can expect enhanced reimbursement through improved CAHPS scoring.

Training & Support

LifePatient is simple to use and our training is clear and concise. However, we realize that any time new technology is put into operation, questions can arise. Accordingly, we pride ourselves on delivering superior client support. We understand the importance of skillful operation and strive to give our clients prompt, effective and courteous assistance when requested.

Consistency and reproducibility are the keys to LifePatient’s effectiveness. Our dedication to treating every client’s patients like they are members of our family is our methodology. With that point of view, it is easy to build relationships.