We Differentiate Your Agency by Changing the Dynamic!

A home care provider needs a way to distinguish its agency from others offering the same services. LifePatient clients enjoy that differentiation.

The foundation of LifePatient’s success revolves around the concept of changing the referral source dynamic. More specifically, home care agencies typically are involved in one-way referrals: LifePatient changes the referral setting into a two-way environment.

We Enable Agencies to Bring VALUE to Their Referral Sources!

To create value for an agency, the LifePatient system is centered on a “need-driven” mindset. More specifically, patients who experience health problems need timely care. Family members need good communication and support. Physicians need field assistance and practice promulgation and assisted living communities (ALF) need new resident promulgation. LifePatient fills these needs and thus produces a census-building environment for an agency.

Outreach to develop on-going relationships with patients and family members is an exceptionally powerful tool that is not a focus for most agencies. Furthermore, when referral flow becomes a two-way street with physicians and ALFs, the referring agency is always viewed in an exceptional light. Accordingly, the referral sources’ communication lines with the agency become more frequent and vibrant, and a genuine aura of superiority becomes apparent when the sources compare the agency to other agencies vying for the same referrals. To follow, the agency is typically elevated into preferred-provider status.

The concept is very straightforward. LifePatient enables an agency to pay special attention to the needs of its referral sources. This enables the agency to bring value to the table. The corresponding “goodwill” becomes very apparent in census production.